Surfing, sips and savasana in stunning Sri Lanka

Nourish Magazine , November 2014


Whether antioxidants or exercise is your cup of tea, a holiday in Sri Lanka is an escape for the mind, body and soul, writes MIRANDA LUBY

Dark-skinned women in brightly-coloured saris sashay along rows of rolling green leaves outside the upstairs window of the Sri Lankan tea museum. Wicker baskets hanging from their backs, they work methodically, rhythmically, handpicking leaf after leaf.
Undulating countryside and a penchant for a perfectly pure blend means the exotic Indian Ocean destination is one of the few countries where tea is still picked by hand, rather than machines. But watching the hypnotic scene, more like a Dilmah advertisement than real life, you can’t help but feel preserving the romanticism must play a part.
I’m in the mountainous centre of the Sri Lanka: the heart of tea country on an Island where tea holds a special place in the locals’ hearts....

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